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Holly Shit....livejournal... [13 Aug 2005|07:28am]
Wow, lj is so anchient. I completely forgot about it. Now it's all myspace. Anyone actually use this anymore?
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[06 Dec 2004|06:13am]
Garden State soundtrack
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[28 Sep 2004|02:53am]
[ mood | sleepy ]


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[14 Jul 2004|03:37pm]
I found this list and I thought I'd like to share and comment on some of the ridiculous ones. Apparently this person is not only egocentric, but also has enough time to pull shit out of her ass and post her chauvinistic garbage because she convinced herself that this is what every girl wants their guy to "know".

Thursday, July 01, 2004

~* 50 Thingz Girlz Want Guys To Know *~

.:.50 Things Gurls Want Guys to Know.:.

05. We hate porn. (How unfortunate. This is a matter of opinion.)

07. Girls need food, water, and compliments to survive. (No oxygen?)

10. We may think you are gay if you wear tighty-whities on a regular basis. (I actually think this was a shallow attempt at humor. Hmm... hah?)

13. Girls generally don't like giving head, so you better be ready to give in return if and when you
get it. (Again... How unfortunate... matter of opinion.)

15. Anything we say or do during that 4 days to a week each month cannot be held against us. (hmm... interesting. In that case... Whatever anyone does in response during those 4 days to a week cannot be held against them. fair? Good. I'm gonna stab you in the face.)

16. If you hold our hand while you are driving we will be thoroughly impressed… especially if it's a stick. (Safety first. I would personally like to get my precious cargo home safe. But I SUPPOSEEEEE that works...)

18. If you wish to go out with us, expect to pay for everything. This applies even if your not around. (... Need I say anything?)

20. Having us over while you and your friends play video games does not count as "quality time". (Of course it does!)

25. We're typically smarter than you... so get over it and stop whining when we get better grades than you. (Um... Hmm...? lol nice try but I'd like to say everyone's just about equal.)

26. If you do not own a wife-beater, stop reading this list, and go invest in one… right now. (GAG! What's wrong with you!? Seek help... quickly!!)

28. We're sorry, Brad Pitt is just hot.. get over it!!! (DUH! Super hot!)

31. If you're developing such good finger skills playing video games, you better put them to good
use sometimes. (Eww. GAG.)

43. Don't screw us over... especially if we have an older brother or protective guy friends... they will hunt you down and kill you. (This is true.)

46. No girl just wants to be your "friend with benefits". (However, this is false.)

49. We reserve the right to hate all of your ex-girlfriends. (WHY?)

Alright... Although there WERE some good ones... These are the stupid ones. Hope you had a good laugh. No? Ok, great.
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[12 May 2004|01:32am]
OWWWWWW!!!! My stomach is killing me! It hurts SO bad and I don't know what's causing it.
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[08 Feb 2004|02:56am]
That made me real happy :)
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Winter Break -Finally posting [15 Jan 2004|02:25am]
[ mood | content ]

I've gone to Utah for a snowboarding trip. I've gone to mexico with my pals. And I've just arrived home from mammoth where I've been snowboarding. School starts monday with a bittersweet symphony. Excited yet disappointed that this break is now coming to a close. Next stop: Spring break.

Post Script: Some of you are spending too much time on live journal, drafting like busy little bees, in my opinion.

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Ok, I stole this from someone who stole it from someone [14 Nov 2003|02:28am]
A man was in the hospital 4 a series of tests, the last of which had left his bodily systems upset. Upon makin several false alarm trips 2 the b-room, he decided the latest episode was another and stayed put. He suddenly filled his bed with diarrhea n was embarrassed beyond his ability 2 remain rational. In a loss of composure he jumped out of bed, gathered up the bed sheets, n threw them out the hospital window. A drunk was walking by the hospital when the sheets landed on him. He started yellin, cursin, n swingin his arms violently trying 2 get the unknown things off, and ended up with the soiled sheets in a pile at his feet. As the drunk stood there, unsteady, starin down at the sheets, a hospital guard who after being entertained by seeing the whole incident, walked up and asked, "What the heck is goin on here?" The drunk, starin down replied: "I think I just beat the shit outta a ghost"
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[09 Nov 2003|02:48am]
Worked. Kyle came in. Renzo and I had to flip a coin. Made pretty good tips. Went home. Talked to madison. Took a shower. Met up with bo, spencer, kyle, mike and mike. Met some nice frat kids. Watched sorority initiation (like 40 girls running in their bras). Saw christine ruiz there. Del taco. Finch. Reckless, but fun, driving. Came home to a crazy ass russian guy who was fixing my comp at 2 am! Sleep. Work. Richard cracked me up at work. Finch. Wildflower. Shower. Tie selection. Dinner with Madison. Cleveland h/c dance. My house. Showered. Finch. Vanilla candles. My bed. Madison. And too many disturbances. Effffff that! Repeat that with me... "Effffff thaaaaaat, fool!" Eating leftovers from dinner.
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*B*^A^*C* UP ON THIS WESTCOAST! [04 Nov 2003|01:02am]
So I got a car wash. The next day it rained.
So I went to those "do it yourself" car wash places where you insert 7 quarters and you get 4.5 mins to wash your car. The next day it rained.


postscript: I need a vacuum cleaner. Yep.
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[03 Nov 2003|04:40pm]
Sat I went to work. Then Madison came over. She got a new car. It's effing tight. Then Spencer, Spencer #2, Bo, Mike, Julian, Rody, T.J., Kyle, Travis and I went to Dustin's party and even though Halloween was over, it was still a costume party. Hardcore. It was a fun time. Then we went to Wendy's and Julian could not stop laughing and screaming. I miss him whenever he has to go back to school. Went back to my house and we had a bunch of people over, drank more, watched trainspotting and had more people over. Oh, and I think Spencer got me sick. Shit.


Does anyone have any good "get well" advice? Soup, shower, sleep, and medicine is all I know. Is there anything else I can do?
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[02 Nov 2003|03:49am]
Halloween is effing tight. Jewls came down from school and we all had good reminiscing/shit talking sessions at in n out. Cashed my B.A. check $$$! and then julian wanted to cross the picket line... so... we did. I felt terrible. Shame on me. We didn't buy anything though, does that relieve our guilt? Went to Madison's for dinner. She dressed up all 80's, it was so adorable. Picked Julian and Rody up, went to some party in La Cresenta. It was alright I guess. There were a few pretty chill people and food. Left and went to another party north or rinaldi and that was more of a halloween party. I saw a fireman, 2 officers, stripper, 3 french maids, a scuba diver, a few clowns, but the best two were by far the catholic school girl and JESUS[FUCKING]CHRIST! Hah, j.c. was actually just this guy patrick but can you imagine j.c. drinking straight out of a keg, smoking cigs and yelling profanity? Cuz I can now. Spencer #2 took 17 shots and he just crashed out in my car which complicated things later becuz he didn't want to get the eff out and we cudnt take him home with us. There was a fight and this guy fell onto a mailbox and it left a mark next to his eye. The fight continued but then this black guy walked up and everyone just stopped fighting. I was so confused. Were they scared of black people?!?!? Or was this guy notorious for something? Whatever the case, the fight ended and we took off.
Gotta go to work soon. Someone should visit. I work at the black angus on nordhoff and corbin.
Also, theres a kegger tonight.
Oh, and my parents are now out of town so I'm probably having a sleep over/afterparty drinking night. Hit up the cell.
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If you have 1 free min, check this out [22 Oct 2003|12:59am]

It put a smile on my face, it might put one on yours.
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[18 Oct 2003|01:47am]
First night of working. So many nice people. I grasped it pretty quickly and working with Huntley is pretty funny. He kept grabbing my ass while I was trying to work. We ate afterwards and I met Ellen. Sweet sweet girl(yes 2X).

I get my car back tomorrow morning.

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[17 Oct 2003|04:34am]
[ mood | restless ]

Taking my car to the shop today. I won't have a car for 24 hours. I'm a kid again, begging my parents and friends to drive me around. For 24 hours. Cool, huh? No? Ok, have it your way.

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Gotta record some things in this shiaaat [14 Oct 2003|01:36am]
[ mood | Happiest I've been in so long. ]

This past weekend has been so fulfilling. Kill Bill with Aubrey was awesome. Got some starbucks, then went to a kickback later. My friends are fun and generous. Madison is beautiful and Red Hot Chili Peppers we're absolutely amazing. They are the best live performers I've seen yet, it sounded like it was coming right off their CD's and there were so many die hard fans out there. Spence came over at 430am sat morning becuz we both cudnt sleep and just hung out in his truck bed and reminisced for about an hour or so. He was going wake boarding and I had to be up all early because I wanted to get starbucks for Madison and her mom then take Madison to her Sat's. Once I dropped her off, I bought some flowers and dropped them off at her house to surprise her when she got home from the test. Made me feel like a sweet b/f.

Sunday was my brothers b-day. We had a big dinner and I got him a camera case for his new camera. Adam came over. I haven't seen him in a loooong time. He's such a nice kid. G/T and I hope I see him again soon. After, I went to shoot some pool with spence, mike, and this guy T.J. who I swear knows everything about systems. The people at the bar we're surprisingly nice and the guy at the front gave me a free pepsi.
Monday I had a "case of the mondays" and decided to skip school since I knew exactly what we were gonna cover anyway so I did it at home instead. Went to the car wash and I purposely left 17 cents in my cup holder. When I got my car back, IT WAS GONE! This is the second time this has happened and I've decided I'm gonna make an investigative film/documentary. So let me know if you wanna help make it because I want to start it soon and I'm gonna need a helpful filming crew for this one.
Came home and started watching the Rams Vs Falcons game but It wasn't much of a match. Went to Bubblers with Mike, Spencer #1, Spencer #2, Kyle and his 2 friends. The guy at bubblers was so concerned with making us happy. He let the spencers use his personal hose and kept refilling our coal. I think I'm gonna buy a hookah, it would be so worth it.

Other things I'm noting:
I'm working on a piece of writing that I might post when I'm done if I get the persons approval.

Thursday - I kicked ass at my sociology seminar that I stayed up all night preparing for. 20% of final grade.

Thursday night - Went to Jeff's and hung out with him and chris. Then I went to sizzler with Olivia and Sam then Ryan and John showed up. Went to Ryan's and he showed me his cool game that I became addicted to but I forgot the name of it. Then we went ghost hunting at gravity hill and I got the shit scared out of me. I know it sounds dumb... "ghost hunting" but it's fun and investigative.

I had a dream last night that I was hunted down by a pack of wolves and I watched them devour my body and I felt so helpless. How am I supposed to interpret that?

I still wanna be in a pepsi commercial but I'm slowly learning that it will never happen. Truth hurts.

I love you, Madison.

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[05 Oct 2003|03:38am]
fuck god damn. I love the night. I really do. But there needs to be more to do when you're just not tired. Does anyone know of any chill places that are open really late???? Please list. It would be very helpful. Thanks. Good night from steven and I.
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"We're streaking!" [30 Sep 2003|01:22am]
[ mood | Action-Packed! ]

Old School is one of the funniest movies I've seen in a long time. I should be reading 50 pages of Sidewalk by Duneier for a midterm that I have tomorrow but I'm not. Instead I'm updating on lj because I haven't in awhile. Madison, you are so beautiful. I had a lot of fun at your house even if you were teasing me every two seconds. Thanks for always having me over even when you have a lot of work to do.
Does anyone watch football besides me? Bears lost to the Packers tonight and the Buccaneers are playing the Colts next Monday night.
Jeff, I can't explain it, but It was really good hearing your voice tonight. Lets get together sometime soon.
Winter needs to be here fast.
I'm going to SWAT. A 4 day snowboarding trip to Utah. Nice hotel, 3 day lift pass, concerts, and a themed party. Excited.

Oh, I just got hired at Black Anus (Angus) so come visit me!!!!! I'll update my starting date.

Did I mention I broke a bottle of ketchup over this 40 yr old drunk's head when he attacked me at Mel's diner. Hardcore. Except I feel terrible though because a piece of glass cut Steve in the arm and I had to rush him to the Emergency room. He got 4 stitches. So send him flowers and give him a hug for me.

-MMMMM Sam's party then a mud wrestling party.

-Animal House at the Imax universal. Beautiful. Then Zelzah park lol.


Does anyone else know how good it feels to wash your car and get a full tank of gas? It seriously makes me so happy. Although my car gets dirty almost instantaneously and I go through a tank of gas like I would a glass of pepsi. Martinlovesyoufortakingthetimetoreadthis.

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[11 Sep 2003|09:14am]
Some things I'd like to do (off the top of my head):
Go to Az.
Go to SB and visit everyone.
Go to Mexico.
Go to that 80's club.
Go to Mammoth, snowboard all day, party all night.
visit Huntley's dorm.
Get a digital camera.
Watch Full Metal Jacket, GO, Fight Club, Animal House, Jackie Brown, Tombstone, and Reservoir Dogs.
Sit in the spa with Madison.
Sleep at the beach.
Get $400 wine from Bo.
Go to the Hollywood sign.
Take hundreds of pictures of every part of Madison (yes, dressed) and tape them together like a puzzle and hang it on my wall (actual size).
visit Canada. (most likely wont happen anytime soon).
Play madden with someone who is actually good.
Go to a Philharmonic.
Go hiking.
Get a professional massage.
Sing along to NFG in my car.
Visit Ms Johnston, Mrs Rogers, and Mr. D.
Blindfold myself for a day.
Get a fake ID. Not that I really NEED one.
Work at making my hands and feet the softest EVER!
Go to Jeff's house, watch movies, have pseudo wrestling rumbles, and walk to Ralph's like the old days.
Go shopping for new cloths.
Eat chicken alfredo (the skillet kind).
See hopesfall, in flames, and finch live.
Take Madison to see RHCP.
Get on a bus and see where it takes me.
Tint my windows, get exhaust, a system, and detailing.
Be a summer camp counselor.
Go to lunch (or breakfast) with Naomi.

I'll add more laterrrrr.
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[09 Sep 2003|12:32am]

Anika. Zoe. Wed. Grilled cheese sandwiches. Ringu. And it IS going to be fun if it involves THOSE two vandals.

Dropped off pictures. Bari has a copy. Jojo has a copy. NOW POST EM!
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